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Stamp DA Ver.1.0

11/15/2005 by Shigeyuki Seko


Stamp DA Ver.1.0 for WristPDA Release



Stamp DA Ver.1.0 Release

OS5 was supported.
It can move the location of a window freely, even when it is used by OS5
with support in the high resolution mode of OS5.





stamp10w.zip (for WristPDA)


1) Startup.

This program name is StampDA.
It is a DA program.
Therefore, DALauncher is required for running.
Please execute StampDA after starting relative DALauncher first of all.

2) Start screen.

If it starts, the above operation windows will come out.

It is just going to operate this on a memo pad.

3) Operation explanation.

  • A --- Movement of a window.
  • B --- Input field.
  • C --- Page scrolling UP.
  • D --- Page scrolling Down.
  • E --- Mark input.
  • F --- Close of Stamp DA.
  • G --- Erasure of input field.
  • H --- Time data.
  • I --- The date data (short message).
  • J --- The date data (long message).
  • K --- The date serial number data.
  • L --- User name.
  • M --- Data are copied to a clipboard.
  • N --- Data are copied to the field.


4) The actual example of employment.

<In cases where copying to a clipboard>

Stamp DA is started.

The tap of the icon of data to paste is carried out, and data are inputted into input field.
If input is completed, the tap of the icon of a copy will be carried out to a clipboard. Stamp DA is terminated.

Cursor is united with a station to post on on a memo pad etc., and it pastes using a menu or a command line.


An item is located in a line in order of the date, and it becomes still more legible.


<In cases where copying to the field of application directly>

Application to paste data on is started and cursor is set on a location to paste on.

StampDA is started and required data are inputted in the field.

Data are pasted on the location specified that it carries out the tap of the icon of a direct copy to the field.




Copyright (C) 2001-2005 by Shigeyuki Seko all right reserved.


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