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PenPenCol Ver.3.1

6/22/2005 by Shigeyuki Seko


PenPenCol Ver.3.1 Release

It is simple corresponding to HighResolution and the color,
and it is a high function handwritten memo.

OS5-High-Density mode is supported.
(The actual screen on the Palm OS 5.0)






The usage





1) Explanation


2) Explanation of an icon

3) JOG dial

4) Fossil

  • A -- Frame Up
  • B -- Frame Down
  • C -- Page Up
  • D -- Page Down
  • E -- Bic Icon

  • Jot ON/OFF

5) Others

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  1. The tap of the memory gauge at the lower left of a screen is carried out.
  2. An information screen will be displayed if the tap of the gauge is carried out.

  3. The memorandum used as the keyword of reference is written to this field. As shown in the following figure, 30 characters (in the case of English) of the beginning are displayed as a title that a memorandum checks the check box beside the field on the screen upper part. It is displayed with a small font that it does not become obstructive in the case of high-resolution.

  4. In the state where which application has risen is sufficient.
    The tap of the reference is carried out and a keyword is inputted.

  5. Execution of reference displays in a list what was in agreement from the contents of the memorandum of PenPenCol.

  6. If the tap of the item of a list is carried out, it can jump direct in the target picture.


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